Tera Naturals was founded on a straightforward principle: life is better when you feel great. This isn’t just another pill, potion, or powder. This is a harmonized wellness philosophy, an opportunity to permit yourself to feel great despite what’s going on around you. It’s this ideology that keeps us on our mission to revolutionize how we care for ourselves, others, and the planet we call home.


Ingredients 3rd Party Testing

As a premium wellness company, we believe excellence must be a priority at every stage of product development.

With that as a guidepost, we’ve ensured that our formulas consist of the highest quality, clean-label, and cruelty-free products available. Each formula includes clinically-proven ingredients that have undergone comprehensive third-party lab testing to ensure their safety and efficacy. Finished products are then re-tested at an ISO-Certified lab for microbial contaminants, pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, and potency.

Hand-Crafted Small Batch Production

Most supplements are produced by high-volume machines and out-of-the-box formulas. Tera Naturals products are passionately hand-crafted in small batches without any additives. While flavor and function will always remain consistent, appearance may vary from batch to batch.


Research has shown that over 70% of a product’s environmental negative footprint comes from its packaging. Plastic container-widths, boxes with toxic ink and plastic coating, single-use plastic bubble wrap, or non-biodegradable packing peanuts…we said no to all of that. Because we understand that part of being business owners involves analyzing our impact on the planet.

That’s why we chose to do our packaging responsibly–in a high-end, eco-friendly design that delights our customers the minute their package arrives.

We achieved this by creating boxes made with recycled materials and printed with nontoxic ink, recycled paper as packing cushions, and refill pouches that are reusable and made of 30%+ recycled materials.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Tera Naturals products come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren't delighted with your order, contact us at with your order number and we will be happy to refund your money within 30 days of the purchase date. Discounts, shipping fees, and taxes not included.